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Integrated application to your accelerator or incubator

Enhance your application process and simplify the logistic behind it. You will create a stronger first impression on the startups all the while making the logistics behind selecting the right startups much easier.

Track every application and simplify the logistic around your portfolio selection

Allows you to focus on evaluating your candidates instead of the logistic

You and your applicants will be able to communicate through the web-app and you will keep all applicants updated on the progress

Your applicants will feel your professionalism from the get go

Keep a record of all communications and decisions over time

Learn from your own data and increase your selection process quality

applicant applying to your incubator or accelerator through the incubator or accelerator management software meeting scheduling with your accelerator or incubator staff through the software

Web-app built to support your coaching sessions

Simplify your scheduling burden (coach, mentors & startups) and track all coaching sessions.

coaching software for coaching startup in incubators or accelerators coaching portal for startup in incubator or accelerator

Keep track of everything related to your startups in one place

Make better use of your team to deliver more value to your startups

Customize a metric plan for each startup

Be better equipped for the coaching sessions

Keep track of feedback during sessions

Give your golden feedbacks without fear of feedback overload

Track your startups & their progress

Data is most likely already at the heart of your coaching process. Ease your job by letting us do the grunt work of getting that data for you!

portfolio tracking dashboard for incubator & accelerator portfolio tracking dashboard list view for incubator & accelerator

Select the metrics you want your start-ups to report on

Get the data you need to make the right decisions

Automate your data collection process

You pick the metrics and we take care of the collecting

Import your existing data from your current/old system

Gather all your data into one central secure location easy to navigate

Milestone Planning & Smart Financing

Share & exchange with your startups about their plan for upcoming periods. Ensure they have a good plan with specific objectives.

Allows your startups to create and share their plan with you

Align your milestones financing with their plan & progress

Align your milestones financing with their plan & progress

Track their progress against their plan and help along the way

Google doc like comments

Have a discussion about the items in the plan using comments like in google docs

Mark a discussion as resolved when the issue is closed